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Yep, I agree with everyone! When I was "big" I didn't really care what I looked like... I always said this is me, if you don't like then don't look!
Now that I'm losing weight I am more self conscious than ever, it's really weird! I don't like wearing a bathing suit or shorts and it was NEVER an issue before. I guess maybe because I care more now??? Idk...
Anyway, same thing, lost my first 30, 40, 50 lbs and felt like a model! I was thin n hot n sexy LOL
I gained 10 or 15 back so I'm working on losing it again but every time I look in the mirror, I see the flab, the flub, the rolls, the "back bacon"...
I know it's a mind trick, I just don't know ow to change it *sigh*

PS I know it can be hard to hear ppl smaller than you complain about their size, it used to be my NUMBER ONE pet peeve! Then one day my mom was explaining to me... You know tht feeling where your clothes are too tight? You can't quite do up the button on your jeans, your stomach hangs over the sides, you look bloated in a shirt that used to be loose, or you just feel uncomfortable ALL the time? Well, anyone at any size can feel that way! It was kind of a rude awakening for me because I had never thought of it that way. I just saw skinny friends complaing about their weight to someone who weighed 100 lbs more than them....
But I guess we can all relate to that feeling, that "fat" feeling, overweight or not : )
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