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I also bought Everyday Food: Light. I haven't had a chance to really study it, but I have the Everyday Food: Great Food Fast that I like a lot. I have found that there are lots of recipes in the Great Food Fast that I can modify to meet my needs. I am a Martha fan. Especially since she went to jail. LOL.

For me, the jury is still out on "Cooking Light". I quit my subscription a while back because it seemed to me that they had become something other than a cooking magazine. There were way too many articles on exercise and travel that I could never afford and not enough recipes. I recently bought the latest issue and it was mostly recipes, so I don't know...

I like and subscribe to "Eating Well" and the "Everyday Food" magazine by Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has a very nice website as does Eating Well. These two, and I imagine others like them, are very balky and difficult to use with a slow internet connection, so take that into account.

I recently bought a specialty cooking fresh magazine from "Fine Cooking", which is expensive and very nice. I read in the magazine that they have an area on their website that is aimed towards lighter recipes. I haven't had a chance to check it out, but I am optimistic about the recipes.

To me, the recipes in these magazines and cook books are more geared towards maintenance with a little luxury, than loosing. I think for loosing simple is best, and that I don't really need recipes. Also, I enjoy modifying regular recipes that I like. Obviously, some are better than others for modification. I know there are all kinds of recipes for stuff like "light" cheese cake, but, for me these fall into the "do not try at home" category.

I also like Ina Garten. She has lots of recipes that you can reduce the oil by about 10 times, and the salt by 50 times and you get something really good.

I love cookbooks. I go on Amazon to see what's new, and then I order it from the library. The only problem with cook books as bed time reading is that they make me hungry!

Kaplods: I forgot to mention that I got my laugh for the day with the pork hock in the vegetarian bean recipe.

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