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Guess I have lost all track of time because I really thought today was the last day of August. Now I have to catch up a couple of days. Lucky I found out now though because tomorrow I have to get dressed up and go to an expensive dentist to talk about fitting an implant. Ouch on my bank balance. This tooth will likely cost around $7K allthough there is likely to be two teeth on the one implant since the rotten tooths neighbour is also on the way out. Ah well better make the most of today.

Shortly I will go out and dig over the rest of the vege garden and plant some carrots, beetroot and sweet corn and some more lettuce. The last lot have grown nicely and yesterday I went and sprayed them with liquid fertiliser. They should probably leap out of the ground today and the whole thing needs to watered and mulched. Then it willbe back to the hole in the ground in the front garden and get on with that although I don't see a lot happening there today because the DS2 has taken most of the power tools around to the rental house and I don't fancy trying to make a saw cut with a hand saw on a 10x2 inch solid sleeper or rather 3 of them and and some with more than one cut. I could of course always go round there and steal the circular saw. Or buy another one.

Annie - sorry if you got upset with my crack about Sassy not being a dog. In my mind unless they are over 30kilos and stand over knee high, they are not a dog and unfortunately some breeders seem to take their responsibilities to the dog very lightly and the breed is not known over here for its temperament. Enjoy the dog. Probably rolls the ball around with her nose because she can't fit it in her mouth.

Happy - thanks for setting up the thread. I guess I should get back to work if I am forgetting the time and the day. Or maybe I am getting into the wind down mode after that last contract. Sure took me long enough. Glad to hear that you have a part time job. The symptoms you are having with butter issues sound remarkably similar to those that I had when going through menopause. Listen to the gut, substitute natural yoghurt or creme fraiche for cream and oil for butter (except on toast when butter is the only thing that will do)

Since the day is getting on, better get on with it. Back later.

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