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Originally Posted by PaxMom View Post
Hi nice to meet you too. Congratulations on the birth of your little boy! My little man fights at the breast. He will start nursing then scream and kick and hit me, then nurse's frustrating for the both of us. He's done this since he was born. I mainly pump, but still offer it to him, and I have to supplement with formula. I'm hoping dieting won't make my supply worse. I'm mainly focusing on eating healthy. We'll see how this goes...
Colton fights me, too. He likes me punch me when he gets frustrated. It's only when he feels full that he doesn't resist anymore. It's even harder because he knocks my nipple shield off so I have to keep putting it back on, making him even more anxious. So yeah, I definitely understand.

In terms of losing weight, I'm planning on exercising after six weeks but eating to maintain calories. And since I overate to begin with before pregnancy, that's just a start. I'm hoping it will help maintain my milk supply while getting me used to a normal day of calories.
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