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I'm much more concered about what my boobs will look like when I'm old then what my tattoos will look like when I'm old. And honestly...I'm not that concered about my breasts (push-up bras and plastic surgery, solutions already exist).

I never understand "Aren't you worried you'll regret that when you're old?", line of thinking either. Of course I will! I hope to be 80 years old and sit around regretting a lot of the things I did in my youth. My word, that's what youth is for! Making mistakes you can look back on when you're old! Otherwise you'll have nothing to talk about in the old age home over green jello. Everyone else will have cool stories and all you'll have is "No, I didn't do anything. I was afraid I'd regret when I was old".

My great-uncle is in his 60s, he just started getting tattoos a few years ago. When he was a young buck only bikers and guys in the navy had tattoos (this is what he told me), so he never got any. Then he got older and decided he wanted to get one for one of his grandchildren that had passed away. And well, once you get one, you end up with more and more. He loves getting them. I was with him once when someone remarked to him that it was a bit odd to be getting fresh tattoos at his age, especially as his skin was starting to sag at his age, his repley was great "The skins gonna get saggy and wrinkly with or without a tattoo. At least this way it has some cool colors!", then he paid for me to get a new tattoo.
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