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S/C/G: 192/maintaining upper 120's

Height: 5"8.5" 51 yrs


I weighed in today at 128#. Right in the middle of my maintenance range. I have been experimenting with JUDDD since November 2011 and I have found good results from it. I do not have my WOE rely on exercise to keep me trim, food choices do that. I am very thankful that this has been my approach as I have not been able to exercise for 3 months due to eye surgery. I had several summer trips with delightful eating accomplying them. The largest gain was a 10# bump up after a week at the beach, to be followed by the following week of losing said weight. I get on the scale, no hiding, and get back to business of healthy eating "for me".

I weigh myself (when at home) and my food every day and record the same in my journal. Occasionally, I data mine my calorie/carb counts looking for causative and not associative results. I have done this since Oct 2009.

I know maintaining this amount of weight loss is rarely done. I guard this success carefully. I have no illusion of ever being an intuitive eater. Nor do I need to be one to have a healthy body. IF, however has made it easier for me at this time. I do not think I need to have found an answer "forever". An eating solution today will do and if/when weight starts to creep up, I will then adjust accordingly, if I want to. I read regularly on health, research, strategies, etc... I enjoy a wide range of forums to this end.

I do not post often for a variety of reasons but I did want to check in on this thread. Several posters from 3FC were very helpful to me in the beginning of my weight loss and I hope they have the success that I currently enjoy. I think of them fondly. Shopping is a blast. I have a golden tan, something I never ever thought was possible for me, shapely legs, people ask my advice on health matters. It is worth the "hard" of maintaining.


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