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Originally Posted by JohnP View Post
Your vacation is pretty easy to explain in general terms. I think it is very easy to underestimate calories ingested when not tracking everything and certainly it is easy to over estimate how many calories we're burning with activity.

That said - your pre-vacation numbers are very interesting. Don't be offended when I question them. I recall you mentioning that exercise blunts your appetite.

Could it be that when you don't exercise and your appetite is not blunted that you're simply consuming more than you think?

Regardless - when you look at the studies which were done to create the BMR calculators most people fall right along the curve but even within the curve there is deviation and then there are true outliers.

Than there is the consideration that people who have lost weight burn fewer calories primarily because our bodies tend to be more efficient at resting.

Anyways - the answer to your question is yes. Totally possible. The only way to truly know is long term diligent tracking or to find a lab that will hook you up and test out your actual BMR.
It is true that I cannot know for sure what calories I was eating during vacation. Especially since I was eating foods without labels. I totally could have under-estimated, tis true.

But I'm very careful with counting at home. I 'wing it' with measuring when I'm sure, but every so often, I'll remeasure to be sure I'm guessing right and 99% of the time I am - often under-estimating and those are for things like veggies/salad that don't add many calories anyway. I always measure the peanut butter, butter, yogurt, etc. Then for things that have single servings, it's easy enough - like a cheese stick, etc.

Exercise makes it easier for me to stay within my calorie limit without feeling starving. I'll stay within them anway, but it's more difficult without the exercise.

But maybe my body is 'older' than the average 42 year old too. I'm pretty sure I'm going through menopause, as well as dealing a low thyroid (which should be under control by now with meds).

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