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Here is my Phase 3 breakfast that I have been using. I didnt want to overwhelm myself with a lot of different breakfasts in Phase 3, I figure I will have a LOT of time in maintenance to expirement.

The only variation I have done is with the fruit, sometimes I have apple and others cantalope.

Oroweat Healthful 10 grain bread: 2slices, 22carb, 10 g protien, 2 g fat, 160cal
Apple: 1 cup, 14 carb, 0 protien, 0 fat, 65 cal
Egg: 1 lrg, 0 carb, 6 protien, 1.5 fat, 50cal
Lite string cheese: 1oz, 1carb, 8 protien, 2.5 fat, 60 cal
Fred Meyer Carbmaster Yogurt: 6oz, 4carb, 8protien, 1.5fat, 60 cal
I.C.B.I.N.B. 1.5Tbsp, 0carb, 0 protien, 7.5 fat, 67.5 cal

Totals: 40 carbs, 32 protien, 15 fat, 462.5 cal

The values for the cantalope are:
Cantalope 1cup, 14 carb, 1 protien, 0 fat, 60 cal
Totals w/cantalope: 41 carb, 33 protien, 15 fat, 457.5 cal

I was pretty surprised that I have lost weight on Phase 3 and not gained.

I am looking forward to trying some of the yummy breakfast combinations I have see on here!!!
I want to find a good recipe for Phase 3 pancakes.

The first 22lbs were on my own, no IP, just will power.
IP Start date 4/20/12
Phase 2 Start date 7/14/12
Phase 3 Start date 7/29/12
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