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Hi all, thank you for the warm welcome!

Well so far I've had a few meals today, breakfast i had maybe half a bowl of wheaties in skim milk.. i didnt like them too much.. they sorta tasted like soggy cardboard.. i know high on the carb scale.. but.. oh well. that was around 10am. Around 315 i came home and made myself a PBnJ sandwitch.. and im still sort of hungry.. i guess ill have to look at the recipies and see what more I can do...

I also sometimes have a weight watchers tv dinner.. which are really good. Now, if Im not mistaken (I prolly should read up on this) but isnt it that if you stay within 20 or so calories a day (i think it depends on your body type and person etc) that it will help you lose? I know some are around 5-6pts a peice and im thinking if I have a few of those a day that it might help too.

Anyway my goal is for 21 days (were still on that right?? ) to do at least 15 situps along with a few pushups a day (Im so weak.. i can do maybe 3-5...)

so here we go!!

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