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Originally Posted by michaeldmcmillin View Post
I will have to look out for the Morningstar brand. I was digging around in the forums today, and found several info sheets that others had posted. Amazing, the difference in what we all receive from our coaches. Without the forum, I would be lost. I am cautious to add actual bacon and ham just yet, as I would like to stick with low fat items for the rest of my life (not get hooked on the delicious taste of real bacon again!).

I didn't have any trouble with the granola (at least that I know of). It tastes AMAZING, and only 4g of sweeteners. I noticed the "Fit" type at a different store, after I had bought the vanilla/almond. I want to try the fit next, as I didn't really need the extra sweet in the a.m. anyhow.
The stuff we have around the house is one of the "peak" ones. It has extra protein in it (from soy) and 6g of sugar so I was hesitant, but it was really because I didn't want even more soy. I saw the many different permutations of the Bare Naked brand but all had honey so I just wasn't sure. Looked like most of the granolas I found had honey or organic cane sugar. I suspect at 1/4 cup it won't hurt.

I also tried some Udi's superseeded bread. It also had that sweet taste, so I hope the family finishes off the TWO loaves I bought at Costco. I'm going to find a bread without so much sweet; the oatmeal feels better than bread for now (hope I remember that in Phase 4 when I go to restaurants).

Do you plan to repeat the foods from today on Wednesday or are you going to switch it up each day?
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