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Originally Posted by michaeldmcmillin View Post
Thanks for the PB suggestion! I have troubles with PB, after my military experience. The MRE's that we used to eat, contained a solid state, paste like peanut butter that would suck any moisture a person had left in their mouth right out. I will give it a try though. That sounds like a HUGE, but scrumptious, breakfast! I will have to give it a try when I get some oatmeal.

After my experience with Yves meatless breakfast patties this a.m., I will be staying away from vegetarian "meats". I have never tasted anything more icky in my life. I would take the IP Soy packet over that, and I almost lost my "lunch" over the IP Soy packet.

I think that I will sub turkey bacon and turkey ham in the a.m.'s.
You can try almond or cashew butter, too. Or even actual BUTTER!
I really like the Morningstar Hot n Spicy Sausage Patties. They are found in the freezer case. Not sure I can handle them for breakfast.

I didn't have peanutbutter or peanutbutter containing IP product for 9 months. I didn't crave it or anything. But real peanutbutter tastes just right NOW, and 1 tablespoon is plenty.

You can have actual bacon and actual ham, too. There was a sample menu I received that included ham, beans and rice as a breakfast suggestion.

I figure I have all of Phase 4 to start really mixing up the breakfasts.

Did you have any trouble with the granola? I know that one has honey and some sweeteners in it, so I didn't select it just yet.
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