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Default Maintainers update check in thread

I thought I would start a maintainers update thread & maybe other maintainers will follow suit & let peeps know how things are going for them periodically 'specially if they are like me and not around much. I think many peeps ASSUME that once we leave here, that we have gotten FAT & SASSY, but that is NOT the case for ME.....
Ok, here goes...... Hiya peeps just wanted to check in & update my ticker & I see I had a few pm's, so I thought I would let everyone know that YES, I'm still maintaining 5 years + 6 months later, despite NOT being around at all just incase anybody else ever wonders about me, here are my latest deets! I have just moved on to more important things, LIFE in general is super busy for me, running 2 businesses & enjoying life & traveling keeps me beyond busy!

Both my tennis elbow & golfers elbow have FINALLY left the building which makes me a happy camper! Dealing with soft tissue injuries for 2.5 years was a long ordeal that truly sucked! I have been doing 25 # wrist curls (both forward & reverse curls) 3 times daily as part of my physical therapy since March & I have powerful forearms now, so hopefully neither of these injuries re-appear. I'm looking forward to resume my actual weightlifting again, (not just wrist curls) yippee!

I still continue eating 80% healthy stuff & 20% not so healthy mixed in for sanity sakes which is a good balance for me. I'm living & loving LIFE & I take some ME time daily & workout whether it be rollerblading, power walking, kickboxing, recumbent bike or mountain biking in addition to starting to play summer sports league again too w/ my FAVE sand volleyball! Speaking of that, anybody watch the Olympics & the sand volleyballers? Those are some AWESOME athletes, I play on a team of 4 in summer on sand courts, so two to a team is truly awe worthy! I also play fall/winter league 6 players to a team in a gym, plus a co-ed league. Yeah I'm still a very active individual. It's funny because I still feel like a teenager, but I recently turned 45 & I'm still sporting short shorts & racerback tank tops which really show off my toned legs & back. Just like my avatar states I can give a punch & certainly take one too if needed!

Todays weight 147, I'm still in the maintenance zone even if I am on the higher end but I am more than OK with that, since I have added on some mass & I must say my look is even more @sskicky now! Is that even a word???? According to my husband, YES it is & he calls it like he see's it! LOL, gotta love him & I do, he tells me I sure look @sskicky!

Foodwise, I have acquired a taste for avocado, OMG I eat it twice a day now as my good for me fat, oh so creamy, LOVE it!!! I've been eating a DQ blizzard every other week all summer long, dbl fudge cookie dough is my guiltless pleasure when I want a chocolate fix, yum! To me this calorie bomb is worth it, my taste buds are as happy as I am while eating it! Besides with all the healthy things I consume each day/week/month, it certainly balances out a blizzard (my splurge of choice as of late) every 2 weeks, so yuppers all is still sa-weet on the 20% front!

Over and out. Until next time.....
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