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Hope all went well with the performance, Arabella, and that you and the carpool buds had a great bonding time. And kudos also for the beach time - and the rideby with the ladies who I'm sure appreciated it.

And kudos too on the continued streakity streak, Empress. You continue to amaze and you would not be YOU if you were not focussing on the scale and your total well being.

August is a good time to have a "slow" time. Don't expect mine to be now that I've got to hone in on getting this place on the market. Plus, for some reason, though I always planned it so it never worked out to be.

DS came up Saturday, mourning for his childhood home. But he did take a carload back with him and made arrangements for a friend to come "sometime" in the next couple of weeks to take what they can on his trailer or whatever. Not much gone from his bedroom which is what I really need right now but at least he showed a sense of reality and cooperation.

DD coming this upcoming weekend (for other reasons) and hope I can get her to do something too. Princess 16 (egad, yes, 16) will be staying for a couple of days and will help - but I want to enjoy my precious time with her too so we must do fun things as well.

I've told two neighbors so far and two close friends. Neighbors has been (as usual) great. Yes, I'm only going maybe 3 miles away. One of the reasons I decided on this location. Won't have to change my "ruts" nearly so much as if had gone to some other places. I'm already comfortable (if not excited) about living there.

Still must focus on only one thing at a time though or it will get overwhelming.
One might hope to lose some weight through all of this but not counting on it. that would be someone else's body/reaction. Still - won't be going to pool but will continue with tai chi/PT, etc.

Supposed to lose some humidity (finally) today. So it's off to the Monday "usuals" and then off to tai chi and a haircut.

Enjoy all, all.

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