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Originally Posted by pinkpendant View Post
Btw, is it better to focus on different muscle groups every time I work out, or can I do full body weight lifting routines too? Does it really matter, or are they both as effective?
The trend at the moment is to do a program (like New Rules for Women) that has you doing a full body workout two or three times a week. It burns more calories and is more efficient as a form of exercise. The different muscles for different days thing comes from bodybuilders--but most of us aren't trying to be bodybuilders and it isn't necessarily the best use of our time.

And to the question above, ALWAYS take a rest day between lifting with the same body parts. Muscles are built in *recovery* from lifting, rather from the lifting itself. 48 hours. Walking, running, yoga, elliptical, biking etc are ok, but you want to keep it light.

Really, check out the New Rules of Lifting for Women. It's a great program and a brilliant and challenging place to start.
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