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Others have pointed this out, so I'll just take my turn at it. It's too important to let slide. Muscle does not "weigh" more than fat. Muscle DOES have greater density. A pound of feathers and a pound of steel weigh exactly the same. One's a function of gravity, and the other is a function of mass. Valrock provided a perfect physical example.

Over in the Maintainers forum, we had a long thread at the beginning of the year about the scale number being merely a symptom of a much larger picture of health. The further in this journey you go, the more tools you have with which to judge your health. Relying on a single measure, the scale, works for a while, but eventually we reach a point where it's not just the amount of fat changes taking place. One of the most common "I wish I'd done" regrets is that folks don't take measurements when they start.
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