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Default Neither losing weight nor gaining any

Hi, first of all my name is David, I'm 16 and I come from Austria (mid-europe) so please neglect minor grammatical and verbal mistakes.
I'm struggling to lose weight for about 5 years now although I am not "too" obese, I am 6.1 foot tall and I weigh 211 pounds.
Now here comes the twist: I already lost much weight due to extreme diets so now I am at a point where I can't lose or gain any weight (I am sure I can although it just doesn't work for me). It doesn't matter whether I eat extremely healthy and exercise or I just sit all day and eat fast food. Of course this is not good for my motivation.
Has anyone of you any tips and/or solutions for my problem?

Here are some facts about me:
>I am a vegetarian
>I eat healthy (for now)
>I don't exercise but my job is hard enough
>I don't binge eat

Thanks in advance for the help!
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