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129.6 this morning. Second weigh in in the 120s. So I think it's time to say goodbye. I hope to see you guys there soon!

Sarahlynn - I knew you were going to see a drop soon! Congrats on another one down to 133!

LovelyAndLosing - That is frustrating! Two things that you might want to think about/try. You may be gaining muscle weight, especially if the lifting and running is new to you, hence no movement as muscle weighs more. The good thing though is that increased muscle helps speed your metabolism up. I have gone through phases where the scale doesn't move much and then in a few weeks I get a huge drop. If you're on your plan it will move, unfortunately it just doesn't move at the speed we always want.

Another thing is to just try increasing your calories to 1500-1600 for one week and see if that makes a difference. Or try calorie cycling. With your activity level you may not be getting enough calories. I currently eat between 1500-1600 and we're the same height. I'm also a bit older, which means my metabolism may be slower than yours.

Also, how often do you weigh in? I like to do a daily weigh in because then I can see the little fluctuations and get a sense of where my weight really is. When I was doing it once a week I would get frustrated because sometimes those were my 'off days' so it would feel like I hadn't lost any weight. It's a personal preference though. Good luck, keep up the hard work and hugs!

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