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Originally Posted by Porthardygurl View Post
So ive been doing reading up on ketogenic diets and it has been said by health professionals of all types that a person can eat 50-100 grams of carbohydrates in a day and maintain a state of ketosis...They say for weight loss on a ketogenic diet that maintaining your daily total carb grams for the day would mean staying at 50 or below... Just so ya know Dont worry too much but i do see your point! I watch what veggies i eat, cause i know they arent all equal!
Thats the wonderful thing about articles...I can show you some that say 30 carbs maximum a day...example is where it states and I quote: "The way to make glucose (a basic sugar) unavailable, is to simply restrict carbohydrate consumption to 30g/day or less."...meanng 30g a day or less for ketosis...

Truth is it really is "individual" and each person needs to find their own "number" if they wish to maximize the potential, and of course if they even care about all this to begin with! haha!

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