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Wootness, we have Anagram back in the palace! Huzzah, love the "Consistent Crew" tag and so glad to see ye, Queen A! Loved reading about your wanderings.

To expand lol (translation, talk a lot 'cause I am delaying starting work for the day, need to get a project done), I wander a lot myself, in fact and in my wits lol, and have no apologies about it ever in life or on the internet 'cause wandering is how we experience new and exciting new things and learn about ourselves and others. I totally relate to wandering.

At any rate, so glad ye are on board Consistent Crew Royal Anagram.

Huzzah also to Wsw! Sleeping is not my best event either lol. And ditto on lack o' sleepin' triggerin' the urge to eat eat eat.

Here be the thing re moi for now, t'is 169 on the MAGNIFICENT MARCH on and on and on backwards to MY GOAL DAY! Yay!

Had nice meet-up in park with a walking partner and did some of the standing pilates moves that have been helping me improve balance and alignment, then we walked and had a nice long talk. She is a great old friend (as in time known, not as in her age, she is younger than I am) and such a positive and upbeat personality it is hard not to be in a good mood even though it was semi-raining (which we like in Arizona, so that is okay).

Regarding the streakity streak:

SATURDAY: July 14, 2012, Day 293 of streakity streak of no day missed of daily exercise, 70 min walk, 5 min standing pilates, (music: conversation with walking pard in park), total streakity streak minutes so far 22,105 (Previous: 288 consecutive days of exercise, 18000 exercise minutes!)
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