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Originally Posted by Hotaruchan View Post
I've been going over things that we like and dislike in my 5th grade English class, and I've yet to have a kid (in 5 classes of 40-ish kids each) say "I don't like juice." We played a game where I held up a vocab card and asked "Do you like _______?" and had the kids run to one side of the room if they did and the opposite if they didn't. I think the juice card came up after rabbits (oddly enough kids seem to either love them or hate them in Japan) and all of the kids on the "don't like" side of the room cheered and ran to the "like" side for juice. Ice cream wasn't unanimous, but juice really I don't think it's that strange
HAHA, as ESL teacher, I love this idea for a game! Maybe I'll try it with my kiddos here in Thailand and investigate the juice situation!

I was never really a juice person until this past year. Especially on hot days, it's all I ever want to drink (there's a fresh squeezed OJ cart right outside my house!) I don't think I could ever give it up, but I do usually cut mine with water or if you don't like what that does to the taste, try half a glass.

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