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I used to be that way and still love juice. Yea, I know it is said to be sugar and bad and all that jazz but if you are okay blood sugar wise with it and count your calories it sure seems it is better than a milky way.

Also juice can be made more healthy. If you are making your own with a juicer, you could try getting a good blender and making blended juice instead with frozen fruit (no sugar) and you'd get all the fiber benefits of whole fruit in an amazing concotion. Also with a juicer you can make the juice and take the fiber and put in muffins or something and eat those, too.

Some of the juice products in the grocery are healthier than others, but if you choose wisely, there should be no reason in my opinion why you should not have your juice.

If you have blood sugar issues or are a diabetic, you'd have to talk to your diabetic educator or doctor.

Another wonderful way to enjoy juice is to cut it in half with selzter water or a sugar free sparkling soda (I know people think this is unhealthy, too) and put in a big glass with ice. So refreshing and elegant on a hot summer day, half the sugar and calories.
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