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Originally Posted by KathrynRose View Post
I just got back from my weigh-in and I lost 1.1 pounds which is good. I talked to my coach, and asked her if I could drink more than 80 ounces since I am so thirsty, and she said no, absolutely not. I don't think I will follow her advice.
You should really ask her to explain why.... I don't like drinking a lot of water, but I drink at least a gallon if not more everyday. It's helped my weight loss tremendously.

I've NEVER heard of anyone saying you can drink too much water with one exception - a guy here just died because he drank too much water BUT it was because he wasn't replenishing his electrolytes. He was on a multiple day canoeing race thing, and was just downing water without any salt or anything else to help his body retain some of it.

With that one exception, there seems to be no reason why she'd say you have to stay under a certain amount of glasses a day. Without an explanation, she doesn't sound very knowledgeable....
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