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Smile A Little Night Music

Having a difficult, disordered night already as t'is 108 degrees right now, not quite full dark, no A/C in half of my house lol so I stay in the office until the temps go down and seek company online sometimes.

Had a major shift in plans for the summer today, am not going to be taking some classes I was going to take so am kind of back to an on again off again work schedule and I have a lot of days off until the middle of next week.

The plan now is to hocus pocus focus focus on this WEIGHT LOSS. Sending out pleas already for any friendly SCALE ANGELS who are summering in my area to come on down on Sunday and have some virtual, calorie free angel food cake at my Sacred Ceremony o' the Golden Scale.

The plan now is, as suggested by a trainer I know, to NOT lift weights for yet another week. This is paying off big time in stopping the joint pain I have been experiencing. I do want to get back to it sooner or later but for now am having a hiatus and just doing mainly gentle cardio.

The plan, now, is to LOSE at least 1.2 pounds this week and return to the 130s.

I. Will. Do. It.

Taking a hiatus from posting on this thread until my weigh-in.

Good night, Gracie.

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