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Good evening,

Sorry ~ grumpy and need to vent ~ you all would understand. Got my daily dose of Grrrr from DH. It is summer time and the battle of the thermostat is on again. Don't understand why we have to go through this battle every year ~ you would think dum-dum would get a clue. Guess maybe he forgets after a year goes by. (Not ~ he is just impossible and is a control freak and will push as far as he can get away with until someone says something ~ and even then, saying something often times gets me nowhere.) We basically spend our time in two different parts of the house ~ where he spends his time is regulated by one thermostat/AC/heat unit, and where I am by another one. He comes out by where I am to fix his supper. I realized after a bit, that I was feeling hot. I went and checked and sure enough the thermostat setting had been changed ~ again. It had been changed earlier in the day. I went and asked him why we have to have this battle every year. He said that when he came out by me it was freezing. (It was set on 74 and reading probably 76 ~ not freezing). I told him to leave his freaking hands off the thermostat ~ that he was only out by me for a few minutes and that he could stand it for a short time. Grrrrrrrr. I guess when he comes out by where I am, I am going to have to get a chair and station myself by that thermostat to make sure he doesn't touch it. Ridiculous to have to go to such measures. I am a nice person, he turns me into a Maxine.

Sorry for the rant ~ thanks for listening.
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

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