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sad today because an old friend died day before yesterday. actually, his brother is my close friend, but i knew his brother well and for lots of years--since we were all kids together. he was energetic, and wild (fun wild, not scary wild) in his youth, and had a terrific sense of humor, and a big heart. he had a loving family and was very close to all his brothers and his parents, and he had a great mischievous smile. i will miss him greatly. my friend (his brother) is broken-hearted and i felt like i wouldn't be able to think of the right thing to say to help comfort him, but i guess in the end, sometimes just listening and reminding said friend how much i care and will be there to listen, or be quiet, or talk with him--- may be all one can do sometiems. plus my friend lives on the opposite coast from me, so not being there in person makes me feel a little more helpless too. anyway, just wanted to say all this within the safe palace walls. thanks for listening, dear queenlies!

right now i am looking out my den window at the gorgeous view of the woods and am very grateful to be able to do so. also didn't overeat yesterday, and plan to try and do same today. well, thinking of all of you who dwell in and around the palace walls, and it brought a big smile to my face. take care, all.

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