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kaylets-so good to see you!! love that song too, and your wise words really struck a chord with me. "keep dancing"---think i will write this down where i can readily see it, in fact.

amarantha2-woot woot!! on that 2 hour mini hike, and hitting over 20,000
exercising minutes.

did well today with food plan and exercise. now it has been about 5 months of being fairly consitent on plan, after having gained back weight before that. working on being more realistic this time, and trying to learn from some of my mistakes last year so that i don't have to keep repeating them. i plan to keep building on my successes! i may be 110 years old when i actually reach goal weight at this rate (lol!), but i am not going to "sleep walk" through the journey. well, greetings to all our lovely royals. thinking of you all.

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