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I test now and the. I always test as "trace" except for one time when I,was "small" and I lost 4.8 # that week. I drink 20 or do glasses of water a day and test when I get up in the morning (I usually get up 1 time at to pee each night).

I've been keeping track of me eating on Calorie Countand find that I eat about 50 - 60 carbs a day, most of them veggies I eat restricted a couple of times a week, but most days I'll have the chocolate shake, dark choc pudding and the broc & cheese soup. Sometimes I'll have the dill pickle zippers or the cookie. I found on Thursday I had 63 carbs so yesterday I kept it low at 40. Even 2 cups of cucumbers has 15 carbs!

My weight loss has been low - this week 1.6. should I do something different? My coach said that most of my carbs are "good" carbs (from veggies) so I shouldn't worry about it. She's new, so she's still learning. Some just thought it'd check in here.

Oh, just thought i'd mention that I'm also hypothyroid, I've been on Synthroid for about 25 years. I have my check up with the endocrinologist on Wednesday.

I guess I see everyone else's losses and can't help to compare. I know I shouldn't.

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