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I originally posted this as its own thread a few days back but thought it is more approproate here.

I've been on the program for 6 weeks using a mix of IP and alternatives. Up until last week (WI 5) I was down 14 and happy. WI 6 I only lost 1 pound in total but 3 pounds of fat (go figure). This week's WI, both good news and bad news. I lost 3 pounds, but my body fat% went from 17.6% to 21%. I don't get it. My coach wants me to move to phase 2 as well as an extra protein pack. Doesn't sound correct to me. While she is a nice lady, I question her knowledge. She has never even heard of keto sticks. Any suggestions?

Update: I've moved to phase 2 and added an extra pack and still not able to get into ketosis. Been 3 days like this. Feeling hungry way too often. What else can I do to get back in ketosis?
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