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Talking Wonderful Warm Wednesday


Hope all you wonderful Magnolias are having a happy and healthy day this beautiful day in the neighborhood. I downloaded an app to my Blackberry that will be fun to use when we are out and about ~ a compass. A compass is always good to have and we always have our phones. We do have nice hand held compasses that have good features but I thought it would be a kick to have one in my phone which uses satellite technology. I do need to know which direction is up ya know. In going through a little plastic Plano tackle box I use to keep little useful things in I found I have a mercury filled thermometer which I will put behind the mirror in the bathroom. Do they even make those anymore? This is the neatest little case that has lift out trays and I got it for my “stuff” when we were living in the motor home years back. I called it my “office” for it holds pens, colored pencils, paperclips, rubber bands and such in it that one would keep in a top desk drawer. It measures 11” x 7” and is 4 ” deep with a nice lid that snaps shut and a handle to carry it by. That is definitely an item that won’t be sold at a yard sale for it is a “keeper.” I think next summer we will start having yard sales and get rid of some of the stuff we won’t be taking to Texas. We have certainly accumulated a lot of things since moving here about 4 years ago. Most of the kitchen appliances we will be keeping for we can put all those we don’t want to have in the trailer on a shelf in that “room” we will have. Will is adamant that we keep that indoor smoker. Those I only use on “occasion” can be sold. I will be able to keep my upright Health-O-Meter scale this time. I do plan on continuing down the road to thin and need to weigh each week. We will mainly be selling furniture and some “stuff” we no longer need. I of course will say “goodbye” to a lot of my stuffed friends that sit on shelves in this room. Someone will want those. So from here on we will be buying only what we plan on taking with us when we move. There is no time like right now to start having the mind set of what to take and what to sell and what not to buy.

Will has gone now to the museum today instead of tomorrow for tomorrow he is to do a wedding. I’ve not yet decided if I will go or not for I don’t know the folks but they did invite me so maybe I should go. Yep, I should go. See how I just talked myself into it. Will’s new pin stripped suit looks so good on him. He will be stilin’. I now need to decide on what I will wear.

DONNA FAYE I hope you have many years ahead without that problem that those pills were supposed to cure. for nearing the end of taking them. We aren't planning any trips this Summer. We prefer to go when school is in so Fall is our best time. We haven't yet decided on just where we will be going. Isn't it amazing that some items do have such a long shelf life.

Knock at the door ~ It was the mail man and he delivered my new cordless electric glass kettle and the Oskar soft brew 44 oz coffee pot that you pour the boiling water in and it brews. I bought these with the trailer in mind and we can try them before actually leaving here. Will may not like the coffee pot for he is the maker of the coffee. We shall see for I canalways use it for brewing tea. There are so many things that boiling water can be used for and I have used a hot pot for many years. This coffee pot (or tea brewer) is the cats meow. It is white porcelin. The stainless insert has such fine holes you cant see them unless you hold it up to the light. I think we will like it fine.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later.



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