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S/C/G: 217 /*/140

Height: 5'5"


thanks thunda,

well, it's time to re-measure. I know I need to be patient with the process. I am losing inches WHERE IT COUNTS. Just like I thought some places went up, though.

top of hips, around pooch-42"------->wk 2 40"
waist at bend------------33--------------->32"
waist at belly button-36"----------------->35"
rib cage-33"----------------------------->32.5"
Right thigh bent-22"--------------------->21.5"
right calf-14"--------------------------->14.5"
Rt arm-12 3/4"------------------------->11.25"
hips together-39"----------------------->38.5"
neck-13 1/4"--------------------------->13.25"
Left wrist-6 1/4" (medium body frame)--->6.1"

not sure how my bony wrists got any skinnier, but I guess I did lose .1" from them.
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