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Default "you're too fat for that piercing"

Yeah...this is exactly what I was thinking the Piercer was thinking when I went to get my belly button pierced 2 years ago.
I was about 155lbs which is not "fat-fat" but I for sure had a big tire muffin top. I went with my friend who got her tongue pierced, the piercing part wasn't bad at all but the comment my friend said was "aww it looks so cute when you were laying down!" I know she didn't mean this in a bad way but man did that make me feel like a whale :/
I only kept it about 3 months because it wasn't healing at all, which I'm sure my fat roll was the culprit. I ended up with an ugly dark scar from it which is just a reminder to me of how badly I want to lose weight....and maybe if I get the courage I'll go back to that place and get it done once again if it's possible
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