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Originally Posted by lhams View Post
Hello all!

I will be starting the Ideal Protein diet next week. However I am nervous that there will actually be results, because it is unfortunately a lot of money.

Being a student I can only afford so much, although I have done my research and have heard great things about IP. My greatest concern is that I won't follow the guidelines, whether its me caving or me being completely unknowing, and waste the food/money because I have to restart the 5 days :S

Anyways I was hoping for some advice. If some students out there have done this diet I would love to hear from you. But advice from everyone would be great.

I have been on the program for 5 weeks....weigh in tomorrow! I remember feeling a sense fo dread for the two weeks prior to starting the diet. It was a feeling of sadness, that I had become so overweight, as well as a feelng of fear of the unknown. In addition, I was afraid of failure and worried about the expense.
So, with that said, I think that most of us have felt a bit unhappy and apprehensive prior to the start of the program.
I know that the program works. I have so many friends who have done IP and have since lost 70 or 80 pounds each.....and have no problem maintaining!!!!!
I have had nothing but success on the program. My friends told me that it was easy. I would NOT give the first three weeks and EASY at all. It was difficult.
I feel like a trail blazer. The first few weeks were tough and now I have become TOUGH! Nothing is going to stop me!
Just do will never look back! have a great community here who will always support you!!!!!!
Good luck to you!

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