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Originally Posted by lhams View Post
I will be starting the Ideal Protein diet next week. However I am nervous that there will actually be results, because it is unfortunately a lot of money.
Being a student I can only afford so much, although I have done my research and have heard great things about IP. My greatest concern is that I won't follow the guidelines, whether its me caving or me being completely unknowing, and waste the food/money because I have to restart the 5 days :S
Anyways I was hoping for some advice. If some students out there have done this diet I would love to hear from you. But advice from everyone would be great.
I can't say much about the cost of the actual IP food, I do alternative products, BUT I can say as far as "cheating" and following guidelines, this diet is like, it's like elementary school honestly. You have very basic rules, you know what time each "class" is, you know you don't get to eat during class, lunch is at a certain time, drink water between classes etc. etc. etc. And the amazing thing of this is that it is so structured that it's EASY to follow, unless you over think it. I know I only spend maybe $20/week on food right now + dinners/veggies, so I know for me that's way cheaper than me going to mc'd's 3-4 days a week.

Originally Posted by usmcvet View Post
My wife freaked out when she saw the cost of the food but has not made a peep since the second or third week because I am doing it, sticking with it and making great progress.
Haha totally made me laugh really understand though because DH looked at the cost of protein shakes and was all GRRRR then I hit the 2nd week of not cheating and he shut up.

Originally Posted by KristenV410 View Post
Hi! I'm starting next week too and nervous! I ordered my packets from ideal to go, so no coach or clinic but I've done lots of online research and have been reading the posts. Good luck to you!
Kristen, you'll do great How did you get registered with idealtogo? I thought we had to be from a clinic for it? I have thought about getting some of the IP products instead of all my alternatives all the time, just for some of the cookie recipes etc.

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