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Originally Posted by lhams View Post
Hello all!

I will be starting the Ideal Protein diet next week. However I am nervous that there will actually be results, because it is unfortunately a lot of money.

Being a student I can only afford so much, although I have done my research and have heard great things about IP. My greatest concern is that I won't follow the guidelines, whether its me caving or me being completely unknowing, and waste the food/money because I have to restart the 5 days :S

Anyways I was hoping for some advice. If some students out there have done this diet I would love to hear from you. But advice from everyone would be great.

You can do it
Actually I was very scared that I would cheat in the beginning. I have never been able to stick to a diet before for longer than a few weeks. But almost 7 months later on IP and I have not cheated once For me I think a big driving force is the cost. I am a single mom and I know that I can not afford to be on this plan forever so cheating is not an option.
Good luck to you, after the first couple of weeks it is smooth sailing
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