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Originally Posted by KristenV410 View Post
Hi! I'm starting next week too and nervous! I ordered my packets from ideal to go, so no coach or clinic but I've done lots of online research and have been reading the posts. Good luck to you!
You can do it. We all started like you, wondering, questioning the cost. I've been on sooooo many diets to either not lose, or lose slowly and never kept it off. I have been on this since the middle of January. I know it works and is worth whatever sacrifices.

Originally Posted by collingwood View Post
How does it actually work? I'm from Australia and only heard about IP since joining here. Do you have to buy their products?

I am working on a Protein diet type thing without actually joining anything. We have a thing called Bodytrim in Australia and I have seen the DVD's and understand what they are saying.... basically we eat too much carbs which turns in to sugar and fat if we don't burn it off.

So they suggest eating things low in carbs and eat more protein rich foods which protein feeds our muscles and organs and mean we have to do less work to burn off the sugar and fats.

The idea with any diet should be you want it to be a lifestyle for now and forever so you can maintain it. I think any diets where they get you to buy their product will be hard to maintain over the long run.

Bodytrim also encourage a day off where you can have anything, but the following day has to be a protein day.

So I'm basically trying to follow those principles and avoid eating sugars and carbs and focus on protein rich foods.

You've got the principles, now all you need is the details. Go back to the first sticky, It talks about the phases and also other great information. Go to the Daily Chat, besides all the great info passed by those who post, there are some useful links, especially the one for Dr. Chanh's book. It explains the priniples and the whys. A must read.

You can start at an Ideal Protein clinic. The food is not for the rest of your life, so you're not dependent on it after you lose. There are those who are loosing on what is termed alternatives. I was on the IP program for three months and then a few weeks ago, switched to alternatives. I am still losing. All the advice you might need is here in these threads. Read and ask questions.

Good luck. Stick with reading this forum daily, especially when you're discouraged or stuck. Reach out. All of us are more than willing to help you through your journey.

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