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Kristi- OMgosh 0 cal butter spray is in my blood, I swear, I eat it on everything! I was doing the waffles and butter spray and sugar free syrup (25 cals for 1/4 cup!), I'm also from the south and weirdly in love with grits and butter spray and Splenda. Yum. At home I had pretty much cleared all the processed junk out so there wasnt anything too dangerous to snack on at night, and I was waiting as late as I could to eat dinner. I'd have a snack planned after dinner and I'd wait until 8 or 9 pm to eat and then wait a little while And eat my snack and then get snuggled into bed with the lights off and a good tv show, and I was able to overcome it. But being home is a different story! I can't control anything here and no one thinks to take my diet into consideration because they're used to me eating everything.

I am still 100% converted to the low carb way of life, but I think that while I'm home I'm going to stay around 100-150g/day instead of <30g. It's very difficult for me to be prepared and stick to that strict of a diet here, and I constantly feel like there's nothing I can eat and end up eating crap. So I'm lightening up on myself a little for now, for fear of completely falling off the wagon.
Today I ate:
2 turkey sausage patties for breakfast
Chicken nachos (fat free cheese and sour cream, skinless chicken breast, yellow corn chips, tons of lettuce and tomatoes)
1 fig newton with 1/2 cup skim milk
Hamburger patty with cheese, (cookout at mom's, very limited options) salad
3oz vodka. Maybe 4.
~1400 calories for today.
Not sure about weight because I don't trust my granny's scale to weigh me accurately so I'm going to go buy a cheap Walmart scale to keep here in my bathroom.
And all the spilt milk, sex and weight
It all will fall, fall right into place

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