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kitkat1218 - It's never too late! Just add your name to the spreadsheet link on the first post. Also include s/c/g weights and start/end dates, the other 2 columns will fill in on their own. But please include your start date as either today or whenever you started, BUT NOT before May 6th. Thanks and welcome!!

On another note: Yesterday was a hectic day, From a 9am dermatologist appointment to a 3pm dress rehearsal for my 7:30pm concert. LOTS of walking involved in between. I didn't eat well AT ALL. I split my dinner into lunch and dinner. It was butter chicken and white rice. In total it wasn't alot, one of those average size lunch containers that can hold like a pbj sandwich, maybe 2. I then had a Timmies Iced cap with milk (normally it's made with cream, and will have 11g of fat, with milk it's only 1.5g, good to know!) and LOTS of water. I got home at like... 11:30pm and was starving, since the last time I ate was around 5pm... So I made 2 eggs. just fried them. And then my mom was like "oh, thanks to Patricia (family friend) you have a nice surprise in the fridge!" It was cream soda (I LOVE IT..... BUT I KNOW ITS BAD...) We actually don't drink alot of pop at home... koolaid yes (I'm weaning off it) but pop no... I had 2 glasses, as it was a treat, and I was so damn tired to even think of the reciprocations. However, I weighed myself this morning and I'm still at 150lbs! So that's good! When I get my first paycheck in a few weeks, I'm going to definately buy a digital scale, any brand suggestions? How do I know if it's a good one?
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