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Default Due early to mid September, trying to limit gain but need some accountablity...

I was very commited to 3FC and my weightloss plans last summer, then excuses came along and before I knew it it was winter and I had gotten pregnant with my second child. My goal had been to lose the last 17 pounds that had held firm since having my first child. With my first I lost about 10 pounds in the first trimester due to lack of appetite and then slowly gained 11 pounds until about week 27, then I was hospitalized for pre-term labor and I had to stay there for 5 weeks, with a menu of mostly grill items (burgers, pancakes, fries...) or pastas... Pair that with some heavy duty drugs to stop my uterus from ejecting my son and well, By the time I had him I had gained an additional 36 pounds. Yes, all in 10 weeks of laying down and not moving. A lot of it was severe swelling (pre-E) but, Yikes!

I have been instructed by my OB that, due to my obese status, 11 pounds is a safe gain for me to shoot for. I am at 22 weeks and have gained 5. I don't want to lose but I am hoping to try very hard to stick with that goal. I have removed all the nasty processed foods from the pantry, we've been eating lighter, cleaner meals... I just need some other preggos to be with me on this journey.

I am currently 202lbs (5'6ish'') and hope not to exceed 206, which means I've really got to slow down.

Anyone have any tricks or tips to not gaining while preggers... I can't do much more than walk for excersise due to my risk for preterm labor...

*Also, my son was born naturally at 37 weeks and I am likely to deliver this one at or around the same time due to a uterine abnormality. So I shouldn't have to worry about those last few weeks.
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