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I'll always say "I'll have some in a little bit" when there are things served that I don't want. Most times people forget you never had any.

That said, unless you have some serious issues with sugar, don't be afraid to have something like that now and then On my birthday I had some cheesecake and just made sure to allow for it in the day's calories! That was a month ago and the weight is still off, haha.

If it's crappy, store-bought cake I wouldn't want to waste the calories had better be worth it!!

If you REALLY want to control things, offer to make a cake yourself! You can tailor it to your specifications, you'll know what's in it and everyone will hopefully respect your wishes and not buy a cake. I made my own cake last year because I wanted it a certain way. My family just kind of shrugged and went along with it.

Have a happy birthday!!

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