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The 7-week itch.

Sometime after like week 5 or so, some kinda sorta hate this diet. Not everyone. A lot of people sail through this with no issues. But, some of us are more hormonally challenged. I hated this diet weeks 7-10. Seriously. But, then I got back on track. I had to re-boot because the way I was heading I might have slipped and that was not what I wanted. I was very much appreciative of the weight loss and how I was looking, getting into smaller sizes, etc. So, everything was working, what was the problem? I honestly cannot tell you except that it hit some of us really bad.

I had also noticed that this was a time of slip ups for people. Sometime after week 5 or so, people were struggling with will power and many would slip or cheat.

This diet really messes with your hormones and unfortunately that does not stop. I hated the diet when I first started, the first few days. Weeks 7-10 were challenging and just last week I was really angry at it. Unfortunately when this hits, you cannot phase off immediately. I was angry at myself for not phasing off earlier and lost some of my discipline. I felt like I had gone past my expiration date which was not the case, just my PMS laced perception.

It happens. Hang in there. Eat something when the crabbies hit. And often the bewitching hour is late afternoon before dinner. Don't reach for something you will regret. Just eat extra packets. Eat extra restricted if you have to. Do what you need to do to get through but hang in there, check yourself and do what you can to get yourself back on track.

I think we come into this diet with this great energy, dedication and resolve but over time we lose some of that. I found that I had to reboot and it took me a while - a week or two- to get back on track.

Now, I also struggle with MIO. I don't think I do well with Splenda. So that was cut out as part of my reboot and things improved, basically the insane cravings that came with PMS. But, lately because I lost my discipline and won't drink water, I had to add it back. Consequently my cravings are up and my last PMS was dreadful. Yuck.

So, hang in there, it's always temporary and will pass but see it as a test and do what you need to do to get through and feel better and successful. You got this. Remember, you are in the driver's seat, not your mood or a craving. Take back control of the steering wheel.

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