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I know exactly how you feel! I'm almost four full weeks in and I swear I'm going to snap half the time.

I was 100% OP until this week - accidentally ate some cheese (didn't notice till it was too late) on Tuesday and had veggies last night that apparently had sugar sprinkled on them (thanks for nothing Outback! )

I guarantee you my family would say I'm losing it.... my mom who is on the diet seems to be handling herself so much better than I and my poor dad (who I work with) has to deal with me being a total b*tch 90% of time. And my boyfriend... well he just gets to brunt of it at the end of a hard day.

Honestly, I don't handle it well (I snap, yell, pout, etc.) but I just try to remember that if I can make it through, life will be so much easier. I can eat things I want again, and I can wear clothes I'd never been able to before and be proud of how I look. It's not easy but it helps to imagine what I'll do and what I'll wear when its all said and done.

I've also made a countdown (since I decided there was NO way I'd be on this when I go to New Orleans mid July) of how many days I have left. I did it on a small legal pad so that each morning I can tear a page off and see "xx" days left. Granted that's the number of days before phase 2, and I'll still have phase 3 after that, but it gets me to feel better. It makes it easier.

I wish you the best of luck - I know it sucks most of the time but it's for a good cause and the results will be worth it. Just try not to stray from the plan and hopefully it will get easier to cope with the frustration and moods. PLUS think about how expensive it is to cheat! As someone with three student loans and car payment (living at home because I can't afford to move out).... $80 wasted is NOT worth a few good bites of food.
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