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I don't know if anyone can answer this but I thought I'd try anyway....

I guess I messed up - I went out last night to eat and was careful to avoid all butter and oil (even had everything cooked without) but didn't think they'd put sugar all over the veggies. Guess what! THEY DID! And worse than that, I didn't realize until I was reading another thread today that a lot of places do that.

Now I'm upset. I'm sad because I'm trying to do this right and I feel like I made a foolish mistake. I'm frustrated because I feel like this is going to set me back. And I'm annoyed because I can't seem to figure out how badly this is going to hurt my WI this week.

I went and bought Ketostix and just tested - I'm at the "small" amount. I'm pretty upset about this because I've had three weigh ins so far and none of them were very impressive (#1 -2.6, #2 - 3.6, #3 -2.4)... now I expect I'll see even WORSE results on Monday.

Has anyone else had something like this happen to them? And if so, do you know how badly it will slow things down?
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