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Hey Liz glad that you are back! I bet that book is big. 70 years of pics, I bet that is a rather large stack.

August must be b-day month. Leen, Tip, Leen's baby and also my hubby. Actually his is today. For some reason he is in a poo poo mood. It started yesterday when we were trying to buy him so clothes. Let me tell you the man has exspensive taste. I told him it would be his b-day present and all of a sudden he got mad. He hasn't been a happy camper since. oh well, I guess he will get over whatever it is.

I didn't get the bathroom painted. Our frineds from Pensacola came in Friday night by surprise so we just hung out and goofed off instead. We had dinner at a little Italian rest. that makes everything from scratch as soon as you order it. It was awesome! I can't believe we watied this long to get there. (Sorry to talk about Italian.)
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