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OMG, I am so happy to have found this site. I have been dealing with this issuse since 1997. I have always battled with my weight but it has never been that serious of an issue. Now that I have given birth to my first child, my prolactin levels are at 114 and the 35 pds weight gain has been so depressing. Like "Northrnlite" I often try to convince my family as well as others that my weight gain has nothing to do with me gorging myself late at night. I know exactly how you feel...people look at you like "yeah right, you don't eat like that, ok". It is so frustrating. I look forward to seeing if any of you are having success with weight loss. My doctor put me back on 5mg of Bromocriptin daily and I can already see somewhat of a change, but I'm hoping for more. Please share any diets or tricks that has been useful. I'll let you guys know as well how my diet efforts are going.
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