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Ruth-WOW!! Talk about a day at the beach!!! Sounds GREAT actually, especially after being so hot for so many days. Another side effect of being overweight.....I CAN'T stand the heat anymore!!! I hear you about goals too. We have pretty much been using up stuff that we are afraid will go bad quicker, so i am not exactly on program!!!

Anna-HI! Been missing you!! I know we had the same thought at first too, but I thought of everyone in NYC and how frightening it must have been for you. After that though people here seemed to reach out more too. We got to know a neighbor that we have just been on waving terms with up until now!!!

Franny-I'd lose 50 pounds, and stop bending over!!! (okay, that is for BOTH!!) I am so glad that you had a good birthday!! I like having birthday week....the celebration just keeps going!! Although that CAN wreak havoc on your weight!!

Nikkiloo-Are you going to take the beach to the beach with you?!? We're going to Tobermory Tuesday, and I hope to stay on the beach, but i have been pretty bad lately!!!! Just made a huge salad to go with our grilled pork though, so this may be the (re)start of something good!!!
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