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I don't know how to remedy these situations and right now I feel like a child who's in big big trouble and deserves to be punished. I don't think the other guy deserves me, and I just hate myself right now for being so stupid. I don't know what to do to make them or myself feel better. *sigh* Like the title of the post said, I feel like an idiot.
You apologized. That's good to start. Whether they allow you to make amends -- that's in their court, not yours. Make peace with that and see what they decide. They may choose to continue the friendships and overlook it, or it may cost you that friendship because they don't want to deal in this kind of drunken behavior.

The other part of the puzzle though? KNOWING you get this way when you have to much to drink... do the next step there. Don't drink that much. Find other ways to celebrate.

Problems solved for future then -- you won't be in drunk dialing state again and feel awkward again about it.


If you only do the apology bit, and don't deal with the drinking bit, and you keep on with the beating yourself up over it -- you are in a feedback loop. And only you have the key to break out of that cycle.

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