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Default Man, I feel like an idiot...

So as most of you know, I graduated from college yesterday. To celebrate, I went over to my brother's house and well, I got pretty damn intoxicated, lol. Fun fun fun, right?

Well, I have a REALLY bad habit of drunk dialing, especially guys. I texted and called two of my male friends last night, one of whom is a potential romantic interest and the other is someone I've been friends with for like 3 years. I know I annoyed the crap out of both of them, and I got into a really big argument with the long-term friend about it today because apparently it almost caused him and his girlfriend to get in a really big fight (but I have issues with that anyway; that's another story for another time) and as far as the other one is concerned, I texted him again today to apol=ogize for being a nuisance last night, and he said it wasn't a big deal and he wasn't worried about it, but he made a point to IM me and tell me he didn't want to talk when I got online today, which makes me feel kinda iffy about that now.

I know that in my drunken state of mind, I didn't really think that what I was doing or saying was wrong, but now that I'm sober I really, really regret contacting them last night, knowing that I wasn't sober. I feel like I may have really messed things up with the romantic interest, and as for the other guy, I think he'll forgive me, but I still feel really bad for stirring things up between him and his girlfriend, even if my intentions were seemingly harmless. (I think the worse thing I said to him was I loved him -- apparently that's a huge no-no. =/ But I figured, if we've been friends for three years, I ought to be able to tell him I love him with no problem, right? Or am I wrong?)

I don't know how to remedy these situations and right now I feel like a child who's in big big trouble and deserves to be punished. I don't think the other guy deserves me, and I just hate myself right now for being so stupid. I don't know what to do to make them or myself feel better. *sigh* Like the title of the post said, I feel like an idiot.
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