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I've found that (for me, at least)that I can only sanely and comfortably lose weight on Prednisone if I'm eating low-carb. Low-carb not only decreasese my prednisone-fueled-"rabid"- hunger, it also reduces water retention (because low-carb diets do result in the body holding on to less water, because less water is needed to process a low-carb diet).

Prednisone hunger is my worst enemy. I feel like a caged, starved animal - so anything that can mitigate the hunger is a godsend. Only a diet high in fiber (bulk) and low in digestible carbs does that for me.

I can lose weight on a high-carb diet on prednisone, but it's of the white-knuckled, pure intense willpower variety. I have to cut calories much more drastically than on low-carb, and it takes absolutely every ounce of attention, will, and inner fortitude to stay on plan unless I'm drastically cutting carbs, drinking a lot of fluids, and eating lots and lots of nonstartchy veggies and other low-calorie, high bulk foods.

I have to "outsmart" the prednisone hunger.
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