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Originally Posted by GlamourGirl827 View Post
If I wasn't married, absolutely.
And I'd like to say that my son has been diagnose with autism, which has of course been freed from the vaccine relation it once had. But I wanted to mention that.
I have Hashimoto's, and autoimmune thyroid disease.
Psoriasis, also autoimmune.
I am a registered nurse.
I have a another son who is typical.
We are all up to date on all vaccines offered.

And I stand by vaccinating.
If I had a daughter, she would get it.
Pretty much ditto everything here except I'm not a nurse, but I have a son with autism. I have hypothyroidism and a son who is typical (though ADHD) and if I had a daughter she would get it - without a doubt.

Soon, what will happen is that there will be an outbreak in the United States of some disease that was thought gone or mostly eradicated. Children will suffer and die because their parents felt the risk of vaccinations outweighed the risks of getting the disease. I hope that day doesn't come soon, but it will come.

My mother in law who suffered from polio as a child and has life long struggles because of it could say a few words on it too. She was a ballerina and 15 when she got it - they thought she would never walk again. She's luck she can, but at 76, she's struggling again as her body is finding it harder and harder to cope with the weakened muscles in her legs. And she was a LUCKY one.

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