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i, too, have a vaccine injured child - no way on this green earth or any other planet under any circumstances EVER will i have my jabbed with anything ever again.

my oldest daughter was *fine* until she had a massive reaction to a vaccine as an infant. she stopped gaining weight and when she was a young adult, all her diagnoses were resolved into one: asperger's.

i didn't get my second daughter vaccinated at all until i was (mis)informed (illegally so) that she "had" to have her vaccines to go to school. she was given all of them in two whacking doses one month apart at the age of 4. she didn't have a massive reaction (with the fever and the swelling and the convulsions) like her sister - but it was nearly two weeks after each shot before she was "normal" again. that whole time, she was lethargic, lackadaisical, off her feed, and just plain dozy. she was in grade 10 when my "stunned fish" daughter was revealed to have an IQ "comfortably" in the genius level - with reading at a post-doctorate level and math at a grade 4, writing at grade 5.

my youngest had the first 3 shots but was going the same way - each time, she reacted worse and took longer to recover.


the amount of toxic junk they want to stick into our kids is criminal!

and the HPV vaccine doesn't even do anything - even the FDC says so.

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